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The steps for you your best mortgage loan rate?


Mortgage loan file within 24 to 48 hours

Mortgage loan file within 24 to 48 hours

First of all, a telephone simulation can take place with your advisor to find out the feasibility of your real estate project , all in ten minutes; this is the first step.

The second step is to carry out the assembly of your mortgage loan file within 24 to 48 hours .

And finally the third and last step is to obtain your firm and final loan agreement within 10 days with obviously the best possible rate negotiated for you.

Your advisor will accompany and reassure you throughout your process. He will also help you with all your exchanges with your main contacts (bank, insurance, notary, etc.).

Do not go on an adventure alone, make the choice to be accompanied!

Are there other conditions to get the best rate for your mortgage?

Are there other conditions to get the best rate for your mortgage?

Even if the choice of the mortgage broker in Paris has all its importance in the final result, other criteria must also be taken into account.

The preparation of your file includes a lot of information, on your personal but also professional situation (your state of health, your income, your professional situation, etc.). You will therefore get a mortgage depending on your situation ; for example, if you are unemployed, it is very complicated if not impossible to obtain a mortgage.

On the other hand, and you should know it, there are more or less favorable periods to obtain the best mortgage. You can get the best mortgage rate of the moment and see market rates drop a few months later.

Know that it is possible, in such a situation, to contact your mortgage broker again to redeem your credit and be able to benefit from the current rates, provided that this remains to your advantage. In general, you still have to let a year go by before you can do a simulation.

The main objective: to save you as much as possible depending on the period and your situation.


  1. Validate your financing before any research and be sure of the maximum amount of loan
  2. Compete all banks by hiring a good mortgage broker
  3. Get your firm and final loan agreement within 10 days

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